Million Woman March 2017

"20" Year Anniversary Reunion Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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There was a time when we (the Black/African woman) were forced to suckle and raise their children, as we were routinely molested and raped by their husbands, brothers, uncles, and sons. There was a time where we would then be savagely beaten or whipped, forced to bow down and obey. We had to clean their houses, wash and iron their clothes, and prepare their meals. We were made to endure and suffer all types of atrocities,humiliations, and degradation.

There was a time when we were brainwashed into wanting the womanhood of the slaver's wife: To be like them, think like them and look like them. We thought and believed that if we could just join in with them that things would get better for us, that racism would not be so severe. We believed that they would help protect us and that they would be our sisters. So we embraced their ideologies and we took on their ways, their behaviors, their concerns, their causes, and their agendas and while the struggles of our (Black) people for real justice and freedom was the call of the day.

They then decided that their men were even too oppressive for them and saw that we were making a little headway with fighting back against their system. So they plotted to use our period and moment in time, capitalizing off of our pain and suffering. A distraction and detour was created to remove some of the attention from our people’s issues and concerns. They appropriated without contribution or acknowledgement from our spirit of organizing and resistance so that nothing really changed for us. In fact some things got worse. By the time crack cocaine hit the scene, affirmative action had helped more of them than us. Planned Parenthood had eased its way into our psyche. Infiltration and industrial control came for the necks of our cultures, our music and dance, under the ironic pretenses of multiculturalism and diversity. But when five Black women and girls were murdered, in one month,by cops with only one getting airtime, it all became clear that we had been duped, hoodwinked, misguided and even lied to. It became apparent that all Black lives did not matter. In fact, we had been played again cause at the end of the day, their goal are still are neither about nor for YOU, THE REAL BLACK WOMAN.